Kabaddi is one of the popular sports in India

Best Betting Sites to Bet on Kabaddi

Kabaddi is one of the popular sports in India played between two teams of each 7 players in kabaddi court. The kabaddi matches are conducted by “International Kabaddi Federation”. Circular style and Standard style are the two main disciplines of kabaddi. Since 1980, Kabaddi sport has been played at the Asian games. The main objective of the Kabaddi game is the single “raider” raids to the opposite team and tag out as many players as possible and back to his own team side. Also, the defenders have to pull him before he reaches the centre line. If the raider is out, points are given to the defender team and if not, the raider team receives points based on his elimination of opponent team players. The kabaddi matches are really interesting to watch. Also, many people bet for their teams and win the money. Here, I’m going to share some best websites with its advantages and disadvantages for online betting in India.

Best Kabaddi Betting Sites


22BET is Best Kabaddi Betting Sites

“22BET” is one of the best websites for online kabaddi bettings. 

Advantages :

  • Largest selection of live betting options. 
  • Very fast and secure deposit methods such as Neteller, Skrill and Cryptocurrency.
  • 24/7 live chat customer service available.
  • 5 Star user ratings for this website.

Disadvantages :

  • The betting platform is very old and slow sometimes. 
  • Insufficient customer support. 


Comeon is Best Kabaddi Betting Sites

“Comeon” website is really the best website for online betting kabaddi game. 

Advantages :

  • Great payment methods such as NetBanking, Skrill, Neteller and others.
  • Incredible live casino with tons of table games to play at your convenience. 
  • Free promotions are available such as free bets, cashback, offers.
  • 5 Star user ratings. 

Disadvantage :

  • The welcome bonus has very high wagering requirements.


Bet365 is Best Kabaddi Betting Sites

“Bet365” website is one of the world’s best online betting platforms with many favourite sports. 

Advantages :

  • Best deposit methods such as Skrill, Visa card, Neteller and others. 
  • Great selection of sports and casino games. 
  • Free live streaming for users to watch live sports. 
  • 5 Star user ratings for this website.

Disadvantages :

  • Customer service is very busy and hard to contact them.
  • The welcome bonus is not better than other sites.


Betwinner is Best Kabaddi Betting Sites

“Betwinner” is one of my favourite websites for online bettings. 

Advantages :

  • Increases player profits with great odds.
  • Many collections of sports – football, cricket, rugby and so on.
  • Big selection of payment methods such as Neteller, Skrill, Cryptocurrency and many others. 
  • 5 Star user rating for this website.

Disadvantages : 

  • As this website contains many games, it appears cluttered.
  • Lack of good customer support.

Best Prediction sites

There are lots of betting prediction websites available. Before betting, you just need to know about the team player’s performance, rankings, team coordination. Some websites are very useful in getting prediction of winners by the help of the experts. You may also visit prediction websites to get more information and tips which will be very useful for your online bettings. But I’m not sure that you can definitely win in betting. You may also lose your money. Because no one can predict the upcoming future matches. By using the prediction websites, you can have a higher chance to win in your betting. 

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